So I did it.

Finally after all these years, I finished book #1. And with a push from my dear partner-hubby, I stuck it up on Amazon as an ebook.

Can I just say how Gods-awfully terrifying that thought is? It’s been up for one week. I still have an incredible urge to yank it back into me. Like I’m serving under-baked cookies to guests or something.

But no, it’s out there now. For all the world to read, should they want to. I can move on to the next book, and the next project and finish all those lovely daydreams rattling around in my brain. At some point you just have to finish a project.

So that’s what this blog is for. Keeping me on track, giving me an outlet and teasing out the knots and tangles in my brain. Of which there are many.

Also, feel free to purchase my novel and send me critiques and comments!


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