Mental Hand-Wringing

I’ve been struggling with writing the short story this week.  I haven’t actually written a short story in years (really, since college) and it is hard. It keeps threatening to get away from me and become lengthier and more verbose and I keep trying to trim it back. Combine a character here, trim this nonsense passage there. I keep having this urge to embellish and embroider a scene. Or two. Or three.

But I’m trying to discipline myself. I have a tendency to over-write (and thus the passages tend to be overwrought) so discipline is good. Succinctness is good. KISS rule and all that.

Why oh why is that so difficult?! See, overwroughted-ness there. I’m wringing my hands in my brain as one cannot physically do that while typing.  I should put a mirror above my laptop so that I can glimpse my redonkulous anxiety face as I make it.  I don’t know if it would help or just distract me even more though.

I know that it’s partially my overly-ambitious, dreamer nature taking over, I know that. I have all these PLANS and IDEAS and the desire to do them but well…. yeah.  I start a project and drop it for something else that’s new and fantastical and taking up brain space. But if I actually FINISHED a project, then that brain space would be permanently vacated but of course that logic escapes me half the time.

Gyah, finishing things is so hard. I’ve never been good at conclusions. So. Keep it simple, silly. Finish the story. Move on to the next. Focus on one thing at a time. Do not get distracted by Youtube.








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