Hey look, now there are two!



Before the poisoned apple,
Before the huntsman’s dagger,
There was a girl and a mirror.

Pen was the lonely step-daughter of a farmer who never had any friends until the day she met Anna, the future duchess of Loronat. The two become fast friends and Pen’s life changes entirely when she goes to live at the castle. But Anna’s parents have plans for their daughter and the two girls find themselves pawns in their quest for power. Caught between their divided loyalties and loves, Pendraline and Anna embark on a life that will test their love and friendship.

Read the Prologue here.


This one is just a humble little short story.

Changes Cover


God-Blessed may as well mean God-Cursed.

That’s what Niada always thought. The so-called blessing had always brought her more problems than anything else. And now her blessing is causing her a whole new set of problems–a group of travelers arrived and the head priestess wants her marry another God-Blessed. Someone she’s never met.

But Niada is sick of her life being dictated by everyone else. Can she manage to carve out a life of love for herself, despite her ‘blessing’?




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