A breath of relief

The short story is OFFICIALLY done and now up on Amazon. I have to format it for Smashwords and all the other formats, but it’s done and on Amazon now. You can go buy it here.

What feels like AGES ago, I’d read this fantastic anthology of short stories called “The Beastly Bride”.  After mulling over the awesome stories I’d read, I came up with the idea for “Changes”. I’m actually really happy with it. Like REALLY happy with it. It was a struggle sometimes (had to dig deep emotionally for a bunch of it) and I’m now actually thinking of changing that cover. That version is much better than the one I started with, but looking at it again, I’m like…eehhhhh. Maybe that’ll be my weekend project.

Now that it’s mid/late September, I have to start thinking Nanowrimo. I have to finish my sci-fi project first (which is actually the one my husband loves the most out of all my books) and then decide what I’m going to work on during November. Which is quite agonizing really. I have several projects sort of fleshed out in my head, and all of them really exciting to me and I can’t flippin CHOOSE.


I swear there is not enough time in the world for all the things going on in my head. Slow down life, please!!


In the Quiet

It’s Tuesday. I’d hoped to get more done but I haven’t. It’s been one distraction after another and then earlier, and my focus is completely off. But it’s finally quiet, household things are done, people have been talked to, animals have been fed, and I can settle down to peaceably write and knock out some thoughts.

Which is all well and good and dandy, until I get to a point in my writing where I turn a corner in the maze of the plot and accidentally hit a wall.

Well, actually, it’s more like there’s a wall in this universe, but right next to me is a trans-dimensional portal that will take me to another universe/story and I can see an entirely new world and character just waiting there. But I’m trying to finish one thing at a time, damn it! No dimension-hopping for me, not yet. I’ll just take a couple notes until this wall clears in front of me.

I’m never really at a loss of something to say–except when I’m working on a blog. I can start stories and poems and songs, no problem. They’re all jumbled in my brain, waiting to come out. Details may escape me for a short time, but actually having nothing to say or type? That doesn’t happen.  Unless, of course, I’m blogging. Then my mind goes blank; I can’t think of what I’m supposed to say or do or write about. (Thus this semi-babbly post.) Really, I’ve started like several different posts today and nothing stuck. Ugh.

Anyways, I’m writing myself out of the wall. I think of it as a bit of a jailbreak sometimes–like carving out the wall with a spoon. Here a sentence, there a sentence, everywhere a sentence. Chuck the empty space over my shoulder and out of my way and keep carving until I see the light.