A breath of relief

The short story is OFFICIALLY done and now up on Amazon. I have to format it for Smashwords and all the other formats, but it’s done and on Amazon now. You can go buy it here.

What feels like AGES ago, I’d read this fantastic anthology of short stories called “The Beastly Bride”.  After mulling over the awesome stories I’d read, I came up with the idea for “Changes”. I’m actually really happy with it. Like REALLY happy with it. It was a struggle sometimes (had to dig deep emotionally for a bunch of it) and I’m now actually thinking of changing that cover. That version is much better than the one I started with, but looking at it again, I’m like…eehhhhh. Maybe that’ll be my weekend project.

Now that it’s mid/late September, I have to start thinking Nanowrimo. I have to finish my sci-fi project first (which is actually the one my husband loves the most out of all my books) and then decide what I’m going to work on during November. Which is quite agonizing really. I have several projects sort of fleshed out in my head, and all of them really exciting to me and I can’t flippin CHOOSE.


I swear there is not enough time in the world for all the things going on in my head. Slow down life, please!!


Slow and Steady… finishes the story?

Remember when I said I was writing a short story? Yeah, that thing.


I FINALLY FINISHED IT. Woohoo! One thing done. Now I can set it aside for a few days and then edit it, proofread it and do, oh something with it.


Footloose gif


Seriously, I feel like confetti should be falling from the ceiling right now. Some dancing, a few drinks, maybe a bucket of ice cream.


Instead, I have a dog snoozing on the floor near my feet. Every so often, she farts. Celebration indeed. I’m mostly just proud of the fact that I finished it. The first one in geez, 10+  years? How the heck did I manage to crank out stories every month for workshopping? Yikes. Oh wait, I remember: copious amounts of hot chocolate, with Baileys. Creative fuel, right there.

Ack, dog just let out a stinker. Time to escape.

A flibbertigibbet, a will-o-the-wisp

So yesterday, I successfully wrote several pages of a short story. BOOOM. Felt good about that, I might actually finish it by the end of the week, which would leave next week for revisions (man, do I hate revisions) and maybe then I can concentrate on the REAL books. Again.

Focus is always my biggest problem. I can’t tell you how many stories/novels/daydreams I’ve started and I have all these lovely threads in my brain that just want to be woven but I CAN’T FOCUS ON ONE. It’s like I’m sitting in a field of dandelion wisps and watching each one float by me and trying to catch them, while going “OOOOH, lookit that one! No wait, oooh that one’s pretty!”

My last couple of jobs were entirely anti-focus jobs; it was a perpetual drop-something-do-this-now, oh-wait-this-needs-to-be-done-too, NO-WAIT-GIANT-EXPLOSION-OF-DEADLINES-FIX-IT-NOW kind of job and retraining my brain to be able to focus on one thing for more than 15 minutes is HARD. So hard. It’s like multi-tasking (which really isn’t multi-tasking, but you know) is now so ingrained into me that the idea of working on one single solitary project for an extended period of time sounds so…. agonizing. And slow. And unproductive. Which I know it really isn’t, but it FEELS like that.

But no, that’s how I’m going to get shit done right? One thing at a time. One thing. At a time.

Oh frak.